2023-2024 Seattle Public School Calendar for Google Calendar, iPhone calendar, Outlook

Our family manages our life on a digital calendar. If it’s not on our digital calendar, chances are pretty good that my husband and I will both forget or something will get scheduled over it. Some of the events we put on our calendar are specific to our family like birthdays, family trips, etc. But a good chunk of the stuff I put on our family calendar are things that a bunch of people need – like school events, closures, holidays, early dismissals. So I thought, why don’t I make a bunch of parents’ lives easier and just create one calendar that I can share? I could potentially save parents hundreds, even potentially thousands of hours of needlessly repetitive work! Winning 😀

So here it is! I took the 2023-2024 key district-wide school calendar from Seattle Public Schools and created a public Google calendar that you can subscribe to. If you use something else other than Google to manage your calendar, you can also export it in ical form and then import it to most other calendars. I can’t actually see who subscribed to the Google calendar, but if you would like to receive a once-a-month newsletter with goodies like these for Seattle-area parents, subscribe to my newsletter below!